5 Must Have Swimwear / Bikini Pieces You Need In 2017

Jetting off somewhere nice this year? Then you're gonna need one of these

It's almost that time of year again when we ditch our winter outfits and start prepping for the Summer! We can't wait to drop our SS/17 Swimwear collection after a lot of behind the scenes planning we think you're gonna love it!

Moda Nec Birmingham Exhibition 2017 - AJ Voyage Swimwear

The buying team had an amazing day out at the NEC in Birmingham (above image) picking out the latest on trend pieces from some of the worlds best upcoming brands

We've picked out 5 of our favourite swimwear and bikini pieces from the upcoming collection for an exclusive first pre shoot look at whats to come!

1. We can't wait to drop this one, this style is set to be huge this year, 80's inspired swimwear with bold metallic hues

ELA Metallic Bikini Set - Purple - AJ Voyage

2. Another swimwear trend we see being huge in 2017 is 3D Bikinis! The 3D petal deets' on this one will have you looking lit AF by the pool!

GISELLE' Traingle 3D Flower Bikini Set - Grey - AJ Voyage

3. Something that you can always count on being popular every summer is mesh, it's so versatile and adds that extra edge to any outfit both day or night. We love the mesh trimmed top and bottoms of this next new bikini

OLA Marble Mesh Trimmed Bikini Set - White - AJ Voyage

4. This next bikini set is a real head turner, if you wanna slay like a goddess by the beach then you should pack this one when you jet off. Featuring a gold shimmery glitter design and side tie bottoms 

 CLEA Shimmery Glitter Bikini - Gold - AJ Voyage

5. Tassel deets' are everywhere this year, sandals, playsuits, dresses, so why not swimwear? They look fire on this two piece bikini set 

ELLA Tassel Detail Bikini Set - AJ Voyage 

All the swimwear above will be available on site from the week commencing 20/03 plus many more new styles! until then check out some of our current bikini sets here Swimwear collection

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