Black Friday 2017 is coming!

We can't wait for black Friday 2017!

Looking to squeeze a little more outta' each pound this season? we've got your back! Black Friday is just around the corner and you can count on us to give you the best deals and savings around 

Black Friday deals 2017

Black Friday weekend 2017 is about to drop and now is the time to start planning that amazing new wardrobe you've been thinking about. Here at AJ Voyage we're super excited to reveal our black Friday weekend to you guys and help make that sassy new Autumn Winter wardrobe a reality! whether its some killer new high heels, that perfect party season dress or a snug new parka jacket you're sure to save big on black Friday!

Whilst you wait for our big black Friday offers reveal why not browse our New in page start making yourself a wish list for the big day? 

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