Top 4 Autumn Winter Footwear Trends

So Autumn Winter has officially landed! And whilst we may miss those hot summer nights, if there's on thing the changing seasons are good for, is an excuse to buy some hella' cute new shoes to rock your wardrobe! Check out these 4 key autumn winter trends to ensure you stay ahead of the game!
Top 4 Autumn Winter Footwear Trends - AJ Voyage
1. Metallic Heel - Metallic is a strong choice this season, it makes any style stand out from the crowd and also goes with many different shades. We love this trend in the following styles:
Metallic Ankle Boots Autumn Winter Footwear Trends
Left to right:  'On Top' Metallic Ankle Boots Black Suede,  'On Top' Metallic Ankle Boots Grey Suede,  'Hot Property' Metallic Ankle Boots Patchwork

2. Knee High Boots - when you really wanna feel boss AF knee highs are where it's at, they're gonna help you channel your inner goddess and step out with confidence. Our Must have style for this trend is:

High Hopes Knee High Over Knee Boot Lace Up Top 4 Autumn Winter Footwear Trends

'High Hopes' knee high boots with rear lace up detail and chunky block heel 

3. Ankle Boots - These are your everyday go to shoe, they're so versatile you'll be wearing them day and night, out and OUT OUT! Check out these killer styles with those kardashian vibes:

Ankle Boots Top 4 Autumn Winter Footwear Trends - AJ Voyage

From left to right:  'Zara' Sock Fit Round Heel Ankle Boot Khaki,  'U Got Me' Peep Toe Ankle Boot Black, 'Zara' Sock Fit Round Heel Ankle Boot Black 

4. Perspex Heels - One of the biggest trends this season is perspex heels. Like the metallic trend they definitely stand out! Why not mix up your wardrobe with one of the following styles:

Perspex Heels Top 4 Autumn winter footwear trends - AJ Voyage

From left to right:  'She Got It' Perspex Boots - Cream Velvet, 'She Got It' Perspex Boots - Black Velvet, 'Show Off' Perpex Heels - Nude

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